The Miss China washes ashore at Brant Point Lighthouse.

On the night of Dec. 26th 2010 the Miss China broke away from its mooring and washed ashore at Brant Point Lighthouse. Owner Joe Dooley has lived on this vessel for three years with his dogs. The vessel has been strictly a floating home as it has a broken engine. The Police and the Coast Guard Station at Brant Point kept an eye on the vessel over a few days but due to continuous high winds and rough seas the boat is still not moved. Joe Dooley remains on his boat as he does not want to see it towed away or dismantled. Many islanders feel this boat doesn’t belong in the Nantucket Harbor as it can become a safety hazard to other mariners. If this boat sinks near or in the channel it would shut down ferry transportation to and from Nantucket.

Day 1 – 12/27/2010 – The Miss China washed ashore at The Brant Point Lighthouse

The Nantucket Coast Guard checks on the boat to see if it is ok to attempt to tow it away.

As it got dark the coast guard boat (far right) decided it was too windy to attempt to remove the vessel.

12/30/2010 – The view from the ferry the day we left. The Miss China is currently still there and will hopefully be removed in the next few days.

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