P&P Salvage – Raising A Boat

Along with photographing many weddings and portrait sessions this fall I enjoy and photographing the happenings around Nantucket. Fall is a gorgeous time of year and there’s never a dull moment. I recently spent the day on the water with my Dad, Capt. Pete, and Phil Osley. Together they make up P&P Salvage. They have been diving together and doing salvage work for over 30 years here on Nantucket. They invited me along to document their day and I took these photos and videos (which I’ll assemble and post soon). Here’s the back story; On the night of September 15th the wind was NW 25-30mph and blowing against the tide which created high seas. The boat Triple Trouble out of Hyannis was headed to Nantucket when a wave hit the boat and turned it sideways. The boat was on auto pilot and it ran into the Jetties. The Coast Guard was called and they rescued the owner off his boat and the boat was left there anchored. During the night the rope snapped and the boat pounded repeatedly on the Jetties. It sank in the steamship channel during the night. Saturday the boat was located and secured by P&P Salvage divers and the owner and insurance company were notified.  P&P Salvage subcontracted Conrad Roy to bring a crane  barge and tugboat over to help with the operation. They arrived on Wednesday Sept. 21st and they worked with P&P Salvage to raise the boat. P&P Salvage divers, Phil Osley, Tim Mooney  and Shawn Mooney dove down and dug out under the boat creating a space for the lifting straps. Capt. Pete was in charge of communication between the divers and the crane operator. During slack tide around 1:00 the crane lowered the spreader and lifting straps. The divers went down and secured them and the boat was succesfully lifted and placed back on the barge. 

Phil Osley of P&P SalvagePete Kaizer of P&P Salvage

P&P Salvage team for the job. Shawn Mooney, Pete Kaizer, Tim Mooney and Phil Osley

The team who works on Conrad Roy’s barge
Water continued to drain out of the boat once it was placed on the barge

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