Elsbeth and Kevin’s Wedding at The White Elephant


Elsbeth and Kevin had a gorgeous intimate wedding on June 29th 2015. They had their closest family members with them as they exchanged vows on The White Elephant Lawn. Elsbeth and Kevin are the nicest people and we were so happy to have photographed their special day!

One of the best parts of photographing weddings on Nantucket is all of the vendors we get to work with year after year, I love their talent and that we work together so often. They are all so amazing and this team was especially incredible and flexible as we actually ended up moving the wedding date at he last minute. As Elsbeth and Kevin arrived on island the forecast for their Sunday wedding was calling for 100% rain. On that Friday they reached out to see about changing the wedding to Monday. Mark and his team were incredible, and we all jumped on the phones to rearrange schedules and make sure we could do the Wedding on Monday instead! Elsbeth and Kevin are so kind and we would have done anything for them! Sure enough as Monday came the skies were clear and full of sunshine for their wedding day.

When I met with Elsbeth originally she told me the story of how they met. I loved how she smiled and radiated happiness as she told me of how they met in New York  City.

Elsbeth and Kevin met at a Friday night rooftop party in New York City organized by mutual friends.  That night Elsbeth was extremely tired after a long week at work and only went out to support a friend who didn’t want to go to the party alone.  Shortly after arriving at the party Elsbeth started to feel sleepy.  As she was planning to leave the scene, she spotted Kevin approaching the group and gazing at her with a big smile.  She quickly changed her mind and decided to stay longer.  Kevin approached Elsbeth right away and asked her a million questions, establishing a conversation with her that lasted for hours.  Highlighted by a beautiful view of New York City skyline, they both remember laughing so much and having an amazing time that night.  And fortunately, they both feel that their relationship of over two years has been full of laughter, happiness and love.

Elsbeth told me how much she loved the island and how happy she was when she brought Kevin here as he too fell in love with Nantucket!

“Early in 2015 we started talking about getting married  and where, and when, we should have the wedding. I had mentioned to Kevin in the past that Nantucket is one of my favorite places to visit.  To celebrate their 2nd Anniversary we had decided to visit the island for a weekend.  Kevin loved Nantucket as well and they decided on that weekend that we would get married in Nantucket that summer.   Two months later, we had an intimate wedding and got to celebrate our love for each other in front of our family.”

With a wedding of only 20 guests  we really got to know everyone throughout the day! One of our favorite things was how much Elsbeth and Kevin love photography. After the cocktail hour we planned for a whole hour to walk down to The Brant Point Lighthouse for photos of the whole group. One of the best moments of the day and possibly of the season was as we were photographing them parading down to the beach all of a sudden we heard ‘Fill Me Up Buttercup’ by The Foundations playing. We looked to see two teenagers who had just left the beach dancing toward the group with that song blasting on a portable speaker. The whole group started loved it and had an impromptu dance party right there by the Coast Guard Station. It was a great moment for photos and possibly one of my favorite moments of the year! There were also many seriously and lovely moments to follow. After our photos at the beach the guests enjoyed a delicious dinner by The White Elephant and then Kevin gave a truly memorable speech….”The most memorable moment at the wedding was when Kevin read, in Spanish so all of her family could understand it, the most beautiful letter I have ever received from him.”

This Wedding was all about their family, their love for each other and for Nantucket. We couldn’t have been happier for the newlyweds and I look forward to being in touch with them in the future! I have no doubt that they will be back on Nantucket again soon!

Special thanks to my talented 2nd shooter Kathryn Kennedy for joining me at this wedding!!

Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography,  Ceremony, Reception and Catering: The White Elephant, Officiant: Catherine Flanagan Stover, DJ and Lighting Design: Perfect Nantucket Events / Billy Voss Production, Floral Design: Soiree Floral , Wedding Videographer: Mark Pommett, Hair & Make up:  Darya Salon & Spa, Bride’s Dress: La Sposa & Jimmy Choo, Groom’s Attire: Hugo Boss, Cake: The White Elephant, Wedding Rings: Tiffany & Co.

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